This is a selection of interviews and talks in which I introduce the basics of quantum computing, quantum cryptography, quantum machine learning, the role of science & technology in economic development, and some thoughts on science and society at large.

Quantum Computing, Telecommunications and Cybersecurity. Mexico’s Federal Institute of Telecommunications Headquarters (2023, Spanish).
Quantum Algorithms and Cybersecurity. Software Guru Virtual Conference (2022, Spanish).

A Concise Introduction to Quantum Computing. SPIE Webinar (2002, English). [Please scroll down on SPIE website to find the video].
Quantum is a Pervasive Field. Southern California Quantum Computing Discussion Series (2022, English).
Quantum Computing: from scientific research to high-tech markets. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (2021, Spanish).
Quantum Computing: from the lab to the market. Advanced Computing Trends Workshop, 2021 Latin American High Performance Computing Conference (2021, Spanish].
Technology for efficient and safe processes in government. Mexico’s Federal Congress -Lower Chamber (2020, Spanish).
An introduction to Quantum Machine Learning. Software Guru Data Days (2020, Spanish).
Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence. Academia Mexicana de Ingeniería (2020, Spanish).

Introductory Course on Quantum Computation [40 hours] (2017, Spanish)
An introduction to Quantum Computing. Universidad Tecnológica de la Mixteca (2019, Spanish)
Potential role of Quantum Technology in Mexico’s development . Mexico’s Federal Congress – Lower Chamber (2019, Spanish).
A quick intro to my SPIE Course on Quantum Cryptography. SPIE + Commercial Sensing Conference (2018, English).
What is Quantum Computing? Interviewed by Bruno Bartra, TV Channel 22-Mexico City (2017, Spanish).
Quantum Cryptography. Software Guru Virtual Conference (2017, Spanish).
What is Quantum Computing? Interviewed by Iván Carrillo, TV Show Los Observadores (2017, Spanish).
The pros and cons of trending and career choices on Computer Science and Information Technology. TEDx College of the Canyons. Santa Clarita, CA, USA (2016, English).
Quantum computing: early times, state-of-the-art and future opportunities for Mexico. Plenary talk, Campus Party 2016 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. (2016, Spanish)